Organic Maple Syrup with a Sticky Past...

To escape conscription into the Civil War, draft dodgers fled north. Many of them settled along the way, but those lucky enough to make it as far north as Pemberton Ridge— known affectionately thereafter as Skedaddle Ridge— found the perfect conditions for the making of maple syrup. With the help of modern technology, our 100% pure, organic maple syrups are made using many of the methods those Skedaddlers perfected more than 150 years ago.


Smooth and well-rounded, our organic Golden Canadian Maple Syrup is as rich in color as it is in taste.


Our organic Amber Canadian Maple Syrup is delicately handcrafted to add just a touch of sweetness to your favorite foods.


For deep, robust, and full-bodied flavor, reach for our organic Dark Canadian Maple Syrup.

Why Skedaddle?

No other syrup tastes like Skedaddle Maple because no other syrup is made like Skedaddle Maple. Using the latest technology we produce our syrups by boiling it less before oak aging, resulting in a smooth, rich flavor with none of the harshness of lesser syrups. It's a flavor so extraordinary you'll look for ways to include it in every meal— or simply enjoy it on its own.

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